About Charly

We are a family-operated artisanal business based in Frisco, Texas specializing in handcrafted plant-based home, bath, and body care products. From our nourishing botanical soap bars to our soothing soy candles, all recipes are made from scratch and in small batches.

At Charly, we believe healthy and responsible body care starts with the most basic ingredients from nature. All the products are made with mindfully selected plant-based ingredients–only high quality, fair trade, natural, and organic when available. This includes essential oils, plant-based fragrance oils, and herbal infusions to formulate healing products that nourish, moisturize and protect your skin by helping to reduce scars, blemishes, fine lines, dryness and discomfort.

The extensions to our body care line include our best-selling candles made with plant-based soy wax — gifting your home and sacred space with captivating fragrances. Take a bath and allow the rich, fresh forest scent of Fir Balsam to permeate your atmosphere and take self-care to the next level. Our home collection is designed to make you feel confident in how the simplicity of a candle can create a calming ambiance to lift your spirits and accent your home.


Our promise is to always deliver clean and therapeutic products that will nurture from the outside in. We are glad you came to visit us and cannot wait for you to try our products.

Mindfully Selected Plant-Based Ingredients

Cruelty Free
Plant Based
Sustainably Made
Essential Oils
Cruelty Free Plant Based Sustainably Made Toxin Free

What we use

Plant-based butters

Cold-pressed botanical oils

Therapeutic salts

Steam distilled essential oils

Floral distillates

Organic flowers and herbs

Essential oils

Botanical fragrance oils

What we never use



Harsh chemicals



Artificial ingredients

Harmful preservatives

We never test on animals